Labour for Irish Unity (LFIU) held its Inaugural meeting via Zoom on Monday 8th February 2021. LFIU seeks to campaign within, and in co-operation with, the British labour movement and the Irish community in Britain, for the re-unification of the island of Ireland in accordance with the principles contained in the Good Friday Agreement.
The group has been active for the past three years, holding a lively Fringe meeting at the 2019 Labour Party Conference and circulating model motions on the Good Friday Agreement which several CLPs have adopted.
LFIU’s first AGM had been planned for April 2020 but was cancelled due to the pandemic. The purpose of this week’s Zoom meeting was to establish LFIU on a constitutional footing with a view to holding a full AGM within a year.
The meeting elected officers (see list below) and adopted a Constitution, Statement of Principles and Code of Conduct.
LFIU looks forward to holding an AGM later in the year and working alongside Labour Party members, Trade unionists and members of the Irish community who agree with its aims.
Co-chairs: Laura Sullivan and Nadine Finch
Secretary: Angie Birtill
Treasurer: Alana Heaney
Minutes secretary: Amanda Nichols
Membership secretary: Anne O’Daly
Women’s officer: Dorothy Macedo
Trade union liaison officer: Austin Harney
Political education officer: Geoff Bell
Youth officer: Feidhelm Doolin
Editorial group convenor: Richard Chessum
Irish community liaison officer: Maire Doolin
Labour Party liaison officer: Mick Sullivan
Auditors: Cody Hanby and Sheena Clarke