LFIU is a national organisation. Our executive committee members live in London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Kent and Sussex. Our members live throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Like many organisations, the pandemic has led to us having meetings on zoom and while this has sometimes been difficult for members, it has also enabled people living miles apart to come together.

We are looking forward to LFIU holding physical meetings as soon as it is safe to do so. We will endeavour to make sure that our AGMs are as accessible as possible to members everywhere. 

We have also made provision for LFIU members to establish local LFIU groups. These groups would agree to adhere to LFIU’s Statement of Principles, Constitution and Code of Conduct and would be formally recognised by the Executive Committee. 

Local groups would be entitled and encouraged to send a representative to the Executive Committee meetings. They would be autonomous, electing their own officers and even raising an additional membership fee, while remaining accountable to LFIU nationally. 

In Liverpool, Labour Party Irish socialists have organised many lively events, over the years including a meeting to discuss (and reject) the possibility of the Labour Party standing in the North of Ireland. LFIU supports such initiatives and is keen to hear from any members who want to set up their own local groups. 

Le gach dea-ghuí,

Angie Birtill, Secretary

Email: labourforirishunity@gmail.com