1.Conduct at general and executive meetings


  1. Members should conduct themselves in a reasonable manor at all meetings. In particular, they should:


1.1 Treat everyone fairly and with respect. regardless of race, colour, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability or being LBGTQ,

1.2 Respect the right of other people to speak without interruption and allow everyone the opportunity to speak through the Chairperson,

1.3 Respect the views and opinions of others and accept that these may not always be the same as their own,

1.4 Not discuss issues described as ‘confidential’ with any person or body outside the meeting,  

1.5 Adhere to the Chairperson’s instructions regarding agenda items and points of discussion, 

1.6 Not swear, use abusive language or deliberately disrupt meeting.


  1. Sanctions for Breaches of the Code at a general or executive meeting


2.1 A verbal warning will be given by the Chairperson to a member or members if they are in breach of the Code of Conduct. 

2.2 Anyone in breach of the Code may be requested by the Chairperson to leave the meeting if a majority of those present agree. 

2.3 In the event of serious or persistent breaches, a person may be permanently excluded from future attendance at some or all general and executive meetings and this will be decided by majority vote by the Executive Committee.


  1. Inappropriate Conduct of members

If the LFIU officers consider that there are grounds for believing that a LFUI member has engaged in conduct that is disruptive of the work of LFU, has expressed opinions that conflict fundamentally with the LFUI statement of principle or has behaved in such a way as to bring LFUI into disrepute they may suspend the individual from membership. The member or members involved will be given a right of appeal to a disciplinary sub-committee, established by the Executive Committee within 21 days of their suspension. 

4.Election or Removal of Officers between meetings 

The election or removal of Officers or Committee Members may only be carried out by a General Meeting of the LFIU.  The Executive Committee may temporarily fill any vacancy arising among the officers or other executive committee members by co-opting alternative officers or members until the next Annual General Meeting of the LFIU.